The Manoir de la Salle is a 16th-century manor house that has been restored throughout to provide charm, refinement and calm, tranquil surroundings. According to research done by Pierre Amiot, it seems that this house was built between the years of 1480 and 1520.

The abode is a long rectangular building in which the stately home and servants’ quarters were combined. The latter, on the left when looking at the front of the house, from the courtyard is composed of a large ground floor room with a fire, surmounted by an attic accessed in three different places: the Grand Chamber , the courtyard and the rear of the building (by stairs or miller’s ladders).

The stately home itself occupies the rest of the building. On the ground floor, at the front of the building, the triangular arched entrance door adorned with semi-cylindrical mouldings constitutes a pointed arch portal with a window divided by a vertical mullion stone in the great parlor. This is the center of the building. It has a beautiful fireplace with a wooden lintel carved with crests at the extremities of stylized leaves disposed in a geometrical fashion.

The house of the Salle was sold in 1555 by Squire Jacques La Chetaye to Squire Jacques Rogon. Rogon’s family lived in this manor for over a century.

In 1666 the manor came into the hands of The Frugalais family of noble extraction. A transaction took place at the end of the 17th century between Francois Le Frugalais and Plurien’s parishioners concerning the chapel room now gone.

During the revolutionary era the Manor Hall became the first farm entrusted to Noel Denis and his wife Jeanne Besret and then Pierre Thomas Besret and his wife Rose when the revolution came.

The farm was then seized from Edouard Le Frugalais who had previously lived in the parish of Saint Jean in Lamballe and who was now in exile.

Edouard was then ship-of-the-line lieutenant for the king and Knight of the Order of Saint Louis. Estimated at 9,600 francs, the farm was acquired on the 26th Ventose (16th March 1799) by François Rault from Plancoet for the sum of 14,200 francs. In 1812 it was the property of Guillaume Neel from Saint-Servan. Then it belonged to the De Bagneux family by inheritance from the family of De la Moussaye For a century from 1882 to 1982, the farm was run by the Boulard family.

In 1985 Mr Christian Labruyere bought the Manoir de la Salle from Anne de Bagneux . It became an equestrian club until 1989, when Mr Labruyère completely restored the building and transformed it into a hotel.